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2:15 PM - 3:05 PM EST  |  Tuesday 18

How State Collection Service Optimizes Patient Revenue Recovery Through Speech Analytics

Tracy Dudek
Chief Operating Officer

Collections in Current Times

In the highly regulated and sensitive use case of healthcare receivables, providing compassionate care with respect and dignity for all patients is critical. The ability to empathize while addressing an outstanding account is required on every call. Given the complexity of healthcare insurance, representatives also must possess the expertise to help navigate medical billing and insurance policies and regulations. How do organizations in this ultra-competitive space ensure that they achieve their business objectives while conducting themselves in a compliant and highly respectful fashion to the patient?

Join Tracy Dudek, State Collection Service’s Chief Operating Officer, as she overviews how they have leveraged post-contact and real-time speech analytics to analyze 100% of interactions and provide meaningful, actionable insights along with in-the-moment, next-best-action agent guidance to ensure compliance, improve customer experience and exceed business goals.