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2:15 PM - 3:05 PM EST  |  Wednesday 19

How The Unlimited Ensures Improved Outcomes Through VOE Insights

Juan- Pierre Nel
Operations and Insight Analyst

Wayne Mann
Executive: Legal, Risk, Compliance

Insight to Action

For organization who embrace their truth and pledge to learn from their customer interactions, the reward for their honest approach is ultimately not only a better customer experience but one that earns long term loyalty as well. Yet how do organizations learn their truth and convert those revelations into meaningful, actionable insights they can use to improve both CX and optimal business outcomes?

Join South African insurance leader The Unlimited Group’s Wayne Mann and JP Nel as they overview how they have leveraged speech analytics in their quality assurance program to ensure their organization learns the truth and nothing but the truth on 100% of customer interactions to enhance CX, increase compliance and improve business outcomes in their contact centre.