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3:10 PM - 3:55 PM EST  |  Tuesday 18

The Bot Who Cried Wolf Separating Myth from Fact About AI

Rick Britt
Vice President of Artificial Intelligence

Kirsten Stallings
Data Scientist

Insight to Action

Join Rick Britt VP of AI, and Kirsten Stallings Data Scientist for one of the most entertaining informative views of AI today. You won’t want to miss this hilarious and tragic story told in six AI fables, and several mischievous goats. Don’t let the fun fool you todays AI is fraught with pitfalls, difficulties and machines gone berserk. Along the way they will share how advanced AI is laced in CallMiner’s product and innovations. We will help you identify what is AI, what is hype, and how CallMiner is dealing with and developing AI solutions that are honest, transparent and will possibly save all of humankind.