Carlos Ayala

Speech Analyst
RDI Sightline

At RDI Sightline, Carlos is responsible for using speech analytics to discover key insights and trends within conversations in order to identify new KPIs and design VOC initiatives focused on driving continuous improvement for RDI’s contact center clients. Because of Carlos’s passion for data and insights, RDI Sightline has been able to deliver meaningful insights to those clients which has, in turn, strengthened and enhanced their customer service offering. 
Prior to joining RDI, Carlos spearheaded the rollout of speech analytics at Real Time Resolutions, Inc. and then served as the speech analytics program manager, analyst, and administrator. Carlos has been responsible for the design and implementation of CallMiner reports, metrics, and processes aimed at maximizing operational efficiency and compliance across diverse product types and regulatory environments. 

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2:15 PM - 3:05 PM EST  |  Tuesday 18

How RDI Sightline hits a Grand Slam for its Clients with Speech Analytics

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