Kyle Carter

VP of Delivery at Zenylitics, LLC.

Kyle Carter is co-founder and VP of Delivery at Zenylitics, LLC. Kyle has over 15 years of experience working in the contact center industry. His programs at Axcess Financial achieved break-through results in managing regulatory audits (state and federal), risk mitigation and performance improvement.

During his experience there, Kyle had learned first-hand the value (and challenge) of analyzing interactions en masse. He founded Zenylitics to make the benefits of CallMiner speech analytics available to other organizations while removing the expertise- and capital investment- barriers to entry that sophisticated enterprise speech analytics systems can present.

At Zenylitics, Kyle’s teams have improved sales performance (lower cancellation rates, increased close rates, reduced churn), improved customer experience metrics (CSAT, NPS), and enhanced agent adherence, and reduced quality assurance effort for their clients.

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2:15 PM - 3:05 PM EST  |  Wednesday 19

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