Marvie Wright

VP of Training
Dialog Direct

Marvie Wright is the Vice President of Training at Dialog Direct, a Qualfon owned company.  She established and directs Dialog Direct University, the organization’s school for leadership.  Currently Dialog Direct University is training over 400 hundred leaders from the team lead level up to the executive team utilizing rapid learning modules, assessments, and instructor lead training instructionally designed by Marvie.

Since 2019 Marvie has successfully taken over 100 leaders within her organization through Six Sigma Certification.   In addition, Marvie is oversees Dialog Direct’s speech analytics department and analyst.   Her winning formula of adding speech analytics to her sales experience has increased sales in Dialog Direct’s VSC department by six percent.  Her efforts increased conversions on one of our leading insurance programs by eight percent.  In 2018, she was awarded analyst of the year award from CallMiner Eureka Listening National conference for her outstanding outcomes in sales utilizing their speech analytics and was recently certified for Lean Six Sigma and a certified coach/training leader.

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